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Destiny Emblem Collector is the most complete source for Destiny emblems: what they look like, exactly how to get them, and whether they're still available.

DEC currently tracks 850 Destiny 2 emblems and 271 Destiny 1 emblems.

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The Bungie Day 2024 Fundraiser Is Live!

Donate at least $21 for the new emblem Graphite Daydreams. Additional emblems are available from the emblem vault! Click on the donation link below to see all emblems available.

See all of the 2024 Bungie Day emblems in the Bungie Day 2024 search results page

The fundraiser will run from July 9th, 2024 to July 28th, 2024

Donate to the DEC fundraiser page here!

Time-Limited Emblems Currently Available

These emblems are only available for a short time, so act fast!

Upcoming Emblems

These emblems have yet to release, but we know where to get them!

Emblems Only Available During This Current Episode

Episode 01: Echoes runs from June 4th, 2024 to ???

Purchase/Donation Emblems Currently Available

These emblems are available as part of a purchase, typically from the Bungie Store

Recently Available Destiny 2 Emblems

These are the ten (10) emblems most recently made available in Destiny 2